We are a group audioviovisual integration in Central America, team of graphic and industrial designers, electrical engineers and industrial, creative, 3D animation, audio and lighting technicians, music producers, experts in photography, video and logistics together to make their events of the ordinary to the spectacular.

With digital scenery, our main new tool WATCHOUT, ​​which is system for multiple projection surfaces with SCREEN AND DESIGN your imagination has no limits, with video mapping can make projections on architectural surfaces, giant screens 9x 12 x 3.85 m 2.70 meters of 24x10 meters. Screens 180 and 360 degrees, projected curves.

Let us support you in different events: product launches, seminars, awards, walkways, forums, festivals, scenery, etc.

Production of events




It is the forefront in multimedia on multiple screens. Top technology to emphasize the whole communication capacity of the Multimedia concept, text, graphs, tables, animation 2D and 3D, video, audio, etc... Integrally amalgamated in a new visual, striking and memorable concept. We represent the possibility of turning a multimedia projection into the whole spectacle, using a practically unlimited number of screens.

Complementary, WATCHOUT possesses the additional exclusive capacity: geometric correction for projection on volumetric screens; semispherical, spherical, cylindrical, cubic, etc.

The panoramic capacity consists of the managing of continuous images, without divisions or visible edges, of the whole extent of the number of Screens used. In the same way, they can handle many images, alone or superimposed on multiplicity of backgrounds and finally, its modular capacity, since they can use normal screens that can be equal between them, or of different sizes.

WATCHOUT is today, the newest in projection technology of multimedia, a concept capable of creating the difference between A common event and a different and really memorable and spectacular event.